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About Me.

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As an oil painter born and raised in the picturesque landscapes of Colorado, my artistic journey has been deeply rooted in the rich traditions of the American West. Inspired by the rugged beauty of this region and the captivating stories of cowboys, cattle, and wildlife that roam its vast plains, my work seeks to capture the essence of the Western experience.

Growing up amidst the sweeping vistas and majestic mountains of Colorado, I developed a profound appreciation for the untamed wilderness that shaped the lives of the early pioneers and ranchers. The ever-changing colors of the sky, the subtle shifts in light, and the untethered spirit of the land have become the cornerstones of my artistic exploration.

My love for Western American art, with its emphasis on authenticity and storytelling, has guided my artistic vision. I seek to honor the traditions established by renowned artists of the past while adding my own unique voice to the narrative. By employing oil as my chosen medium, I aim to convey the timeless quality and depth that the medium lends to my subjects.

Central to my artistic practice are the cowboys who have long embodied the spirit of the American West. These stoic figures, with their weathered faces and unyielding determination, captivate me. Through my brushstrokes, I seek to celebrate their unwavering connection to the land, their intimate bond with their trusty steeds, and their tireless work to preserve the Western way of life. In my paintings, I endeavor to depict the grit and resilience of these individuals, the poetry of their movements, and the enduring spirit of the West.

Beyond the cowboys, I find inspiration in the vibrant and diverse wildlife that inhabits the Colorado landscape. From the graceful pronghorn to the magnificent elk, from the playful prairie dogs to the majestic bald eagles, these creatures reflect the harmony between nature and human existence. I strive to capture the inherent beauty and the delicate balance of their existence within the vast Western expanse.

Through my art, I aim to transport viewers to the open range, where the scent of sagebrush lingers in the air and the distant call of a coyote echoes in the canyons. I want them to feel the dust kicked up by galloping horses, the warmth of a setting sun on their skin, and the timeless connection to the land that stretches out before them. In each stroke of my brush, I endeavor to capture the soul of the West, infusing my artwork with a reverence for the land, its people, and the animals that inhabit it. By embracing the legacy of Western American art and weaving my personal experiences into my paintings, I strive to create an emotional connection between the viewer and the captivating landscapes of Colorado and the American West.


May my art serve as a gateway to the untamed spirit of the West, inviting all who encounter it to embark on their own journey of discovery and appreciation for the profound beauty that surrounds us.

- Luke

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